Q: What is ground water?

A: Groundwater is water that fills the porous soils and fractures in rock. It is located beneath the surface in aquifers surrounded by natural barriers.

Q: How deep is an average water well in our area?

A: Most wells in our area range from 60-300 feet depending on the location. Sometimes in the higher mountains and certain areas water wells can be deeper. Geo Studies are able to make a knowledgeable estimate as to the depth of a water well for your property by meeting with you and researching other wells in that specific area.

Q: How are water wells protected from surface contaminants?

A: Geo-studies Drilling abides by all of Montana's strict water well construction standards. The top twenty feet of our wells include bentonite grout and steel casing to protect your well from contaminants.

Q: What kind of casing will be used in the water well construction?

A: The type of ground is the determining factor as to which type of casing will be used in the well. For instance, if you have alluvial ground (gravel, sand, etc.) then steel casing will be needed to keep the hole from collapsing. However if you have hard rock (Limestone, Granite, Shale, etc.) you will be able to use thermoplastic casing (PVC). The casing is used to protect the hole from getting silt in it and also protects your pump from getting elements into it when pumping the water.

Q: How much water is needed to run an average Industry?

A: A 600 deep well should produce at least 50000 to 60000 gallons per minute. If you are planning to increase your productivity it should have about 100000 gallons per minute.

Q: What is included in a typical pump system for my water well?

A: A typical pump system would include the pump and control box, drop pipe and wire in the well, pitless adapter, pressure tank, switch and gauge and the pipe and wire from the well to the textile industry. See Pump Systems for more information.

Q: How long is the warranty on a pump system installed by Geo-studies?

A: All of the pumps we sell come with no warranty against defects. But we give workshop warranty of 6 months to our valueable customers.

Q: How long does the construction of a water well usually take?

A: On 600 average a water well can be drilled in 2 weeks depending on the conditions of the ground, weather and water depth.

Q: What kind of drilling apparatus does Geo-studies Drilling use to construct water wells?

A: Geo-studies Drilling uses air rotary drill rigs to provide maximum well construction effectiveness. We have many drillers to provide the best possible service. Geo-studies Drilling has best pump service to serve all your service needs. Our newest truck has the full capabilities to pull large pumps and and clean and develop wells. Our pump crews are highly trained to provide you with the most cost effective service possible.

Q: How does Geo-studies Drilling differ from all the other drilling companies around?

A: Geo-studies Drilling is a owned and operated business that was started in 1995 by MR.ZAFAR IQBAL . And We believe that quality and service should always go hand in hand.